Chemical Inventory


What can LabCup do?

LabCup is a complete laboratory management system, with a huge range of functionality.

Chemical Inventory

Covers all requirements for running a proper chemical, chemical sample and consumables inventory.

Biological Inventory

Complex module to handle biological samples that are tightly integrated with the consumables and chemical inventory.

Asset Inventory & Booking

Build up and manage your asset inventory in LabCup, then share your equipments and schedule & track their maintenance easily.

Laboratory Safety

LabCup was designed with a safety first approach! Safety functionality is automated as much as possible, such as risk assessment, MAQ, compliance reporting, fire safety etc

Emergency, Digital floorplans

LabCup uses digital floorplans for visually representing laboratories providing information about emergency kits, MAQ status and asset information. Live hazard info is diplayed on Emergency page.

Waste Management

Hazardous waste management. Controlling and managing chemical waste and packaging.

Master Database Management

Ensures clean database and centralized value management of special inventory fields.


Easy sourcing while you also see what is available for you on site with the federated search. With the built-in approval request, the company/institute has more control over what comes onto site as well.

Integration & IT Security

LabCup's Integration & IT Security module fortifies your lab's digital infrastructure with advanced security protocols while enhancing operational efficiency with minimal system disruption.

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