Chemical Inventory

Waste Management

Controlling and managing hazardous waste and packaging

Hazardous Waste Management

LabCups Hazardous Waste Management module allows for efficient planning for and disposal of chemical and biological waste. Designed by Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSAs) specifically for their requirements, this leads to a far more efficient waste disposal process, reduced hazardous items on site, and to huge cost savings via:

  • -Efficient packaging
  • -Advance planning
  • -Disposal costs allocation and sharing
  • -Reducing waste buildup and storage
  • -Time saving on administrative tasks

all giving cost savings of up to 90% on waste disposal costs.

Disposal Request

Researchers can mark any chemical to request professional disposal, giving disposal staff oversight of disposal requirements across the organisation

Central Oversight

Staff dealing with hazardous waste have complete oversight across the organisation of all items requiring disposal, what they are, the hazards contained within, the transport packaging required, and hence can plan for efficient packaging.

Drag & Drop Packaging

Automatic waste categorisation and Drag & Drop interface makes packaging fast and easy!

ADR packaging

Package labelling is automatic according to the ADR. Flexibility is still allowed for custom, mixed package generation and limited quantities. This module has been developed by qualified DGSAs.

Cost Sharing - Cost saving

Similar type of hazardous waste from different groups can be combined into a single shipment leading to extreme cost savings. Disposal cost is automatically calculated for each group according to the ratio of their waste.

Transport Document

The transport document is automatically generated and all historical records are kept for further data analysis and statistics.

Historical Central Disposal Records

Historical list of centrally disposed packages - including their detailed content - is available.

Used-up Chemicals Report

Items that have been used up in the laboratories or have been disposed on spot without central assistance, can be reported on on the Reports page.

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