Finding your chemicals in less than a minute?

With Labcup it is possible!

Researchers using Labcup all around the world contributed with the very best ideas to reduce administration and support daily research.

There is a chemical in the fumehood. You have no idea how it appeared there. No problem.

Just pick up and scan it and you will know who is the owner of it and where should it belong. In Labcup every chemicals are uniquely identified. You can pick up any chemicals and you can tell to whom does it belong, when it expires, etc.

You have no scanner at hand. No problem.

Just pick up your phone, make a photo of the label and Labcup will recognise it- and give you all the information.

You are moving in a new lab, and you would like to optimise inventory. You have a creative idea, how to start it, what to have on the labels. No problem.

Labcup has in built label printing feature. You can set the size just as you need. With Labcup’s drag and drop feature you can create your very own design, whatever information is stored in Labcup of the chemical, can be printed upon, whether it is the group, the expiriton date,GHS, warning signs, you can set it all. You can even upload your logo or type anything on it.

How can I get the easiest access to SDS of a chemical?

By customizing a label you can print even a QR code with a direct link to the SDS sheet of the chemical. In case of emergency anyone can help and access the information right away, just scan the QR code with your phone.

How can you uniquely identify a chemical or biology sample?

Preprinted barcodes, Customised labels, QR codes, RFID tags

You are working with many researchers in the same lab, want to ensure that you can quickly and easily keep your lab in order?

Why not try special colored labels by groups?

You have many small items in a box. How can I find them without picking them out one by one?

Why not use Augmented Reality? Just put your camera above the box, and the chosen one will be highlighted.

Can I print out the labels for several chemicals at once on one page? Can I set the spacing between them?

Sure, no problem.

How can I get labels?

For customers in Ireland Labcup can help to get chemical resistance labels, preprinte or blank, down to -80C, it works. Once we got a feedback, that a chemical was blown up and the only thing was intact was the label.

What if I would like to label rooms, assets, equipments?

Labcup’s built in label printing works there as well. You can easily book an equipment or report a damage by scanning the QR code on the label. You can book them also directly from digital floorplan as well. Learn more about digital floorplan and asset management.